Unit process service

As an innovator in power semiconductor devices, Teno Semiconductor has been relying on advanced technology to provide efficient and optimized power device solutions to key customers in China, Korea, Taiwan, Germany, the United States and India since its inception.

Wafer service

  • Wafer service

    Can be based on product maturity and complexity and customer requirements, the choice of a variety of testing and identification.

  • Participants bare chip

    The number of small volumes of laminated packaging for rapid prototyping. The bare plates under test were detected by dc at 25°C, but were not specifically tested.

  • Known qualified bare film

    The same quality and reliability test standards as the equivalent packaged bare metal.

  • Wafer sales

    Tioner provides commercial wafers through authorized distributors.

Industry Structure Chart

TIONER Electronic

Dedicated one-stop operations, engineering/new process development, quality, monitoring and planning teams ensure perfect functional integration, excellent quality, competitive pricing and on-time delivery.  

Services and Development

Has more than 10 years of successful experience in the model of cooperation.  Assembly testing is developed in conjunction with advanced OSAT.  Design process development and validation, design criteria and design tools consistent with EDA, IP, and front-end designers.

Quality Environment Policy

  • Quality and environment should be given priority in operation

    All employees from the product development, production, sales, service to the end of the abandonment, to the best quality development and all possible environmental impact of the minimization as the first place of operation.

  • According to the quality, environmental management system product development

    The development and production of products is based on the thinking of the source and prevention of the occurrence of problems, and the setting and implementation of autonomous compliance goals beyond the level of customer satisfaction and environmental regulations to ensure high quality.

  • Ensure that quality and reliability exceed customer expectations

    In order to improve the quality and environment of the operation level of continuous improvement, through regular spot inspection and inspection, continue to maintain the analysis and evaluation of achievements of the results of management.

  • Education, training and communication

    All employees aspire to customer satisfaction, high quality and appropriate cost. In order to maintain a comfortable environment and safe work position, plan and implement necessary education and training, let stakeholders know the power of the company's quality and environment, and support and assist in sharing required information.