Insulated gate bipolar transistor

The application range of IGBT is generally above 600V, current 10A and frequency 1kHz. Most commonly used in industrial motors, civil small-capacity motors, transducers (inverters), camera flicker observers, InductionHeating electric rice cookers and other areas.

Product features

  • Comply with RoHS standard


    The powerful data collector supports the collection of server text log data under any network, and supports log data parsing and data filtering capabilities

  • High temperature stability/high reliability

    Data can be written to query, providing rich retrieval syntax and SQL query syntax, to achieve customized real-time query analysis of log data

  • Electrical parameter repeatability and consistency

    Connect to multiple cloud services, deliver logs reliably to BOS, KAFKA, BES without writing code, and provide data compression

Product advantage

  • Low conduction pressure drop(VCEsat)

    Integrate log collection, log storage, retrieval and analysis, real-time consumption and dump, etc., connect to cloud monitoring BCM to realize monitoring alarm and connect to Sugar to realize data visualization

  • Low switching loss(Ets)

    Provide the Serverless service pattern. The collection and analysis of log data can be realized through simple deployment configuration. Provide professional operation and maintenance team to support the whole operation and maintenance service.

  • Short circuit capacity10us

    Provide a highly reliable log collection mechanism to ensure the safety of data transmission; High availability distributed architecture storage is adopted to carry out multiple redundant backup storage of data.

  • Low electromagnetic interference

    Provides a way to deploy on demand, charge on demand and scale flexibly to accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively with lower labor and expense costs

Application scenarios

  • Induction heating

    The high frequency heating furnace uses IGBT as the main device, IGBT it has the voltage type control, the input impedance is big, the driving power is small, the control circuit is simple, the switch loss is small, the on and off speed is fast, the working frequency is high, the component capacity is big. Not only is it reaching frequencies that thyristors cannot reach (above 60kHz), but it is gradually replacing fast thyristors. IGBT has been widely used in 1kHz ~ 80kHz induction heating abroad, which is the development direction of induction heating power supply.

  • Inverter welding machine

    Invert and rectification are two opposite concepts, rectifying is the alternating current into the process of direct current, and invert is to change the direct current into the process of alternating current, the arc welding power source using invert technology is called invert welding machine. High power electronic switching device is needed in the process of inverter. IGBT inverter welding machine which adopts insulated gate bipolar transistor IGBT as the switching device is called IGBT inverter welding machine.

  • The inverter/UPS

    IGBT combines the advantages of BJT and MOS, with low drive power and low saturation voltage. Very suitable for dc voltage 600V and above converter systems such as AC motor, frequency converter, switching power supply, lighting circuit, traction drive and other fields. The driving method of IGBT is basically the same as MOSFET, and it only needs to control the input pole N one channel MOSFET, so it has high input impedance characteristic.