Microcontroller Unit

Reduce the frequency and specification of CPU appropriately, and integrate peripheral interfaces such as memory, counter, USB, A/D conversion, UART, PLC, DMA, and even LCD driver circuit on A single chip to form A chip-level computer for different applications to do different combinations of control.


  • Network security/Universal MCU

    We will continue to maintain a market share of more than 80% and create a new financial model in China, covering high-end, mid-end and low-end industries, consumption, communications, finance, transportation, security, biology, medical care, automotive electronics...

  • Trusted computing/smart card

    The main founder and core promoter of China's trusted computing industry, the only core product and service provider of the international trusted computing industry from China, the financial IC card chip that passed the second-level test of state secret security chip

  • Radio Frequency/Solutions

    Industry leading ultra-low power RF chips 2.4g BLE, NFC, 5.8g RF, support cloud to end solutions: payment, IoT device certification, vehicle safety, smart home, industrial Internet security solutions

Product advantage

  • Product coverage

    Full scene full series covers 100+ product configuration models.

  • Low power consumption high performance

    Very low static power consumption, low dynamic power consumption, strong processing performance, high integration of digital-analog hybrid.

  • High security

    General low cost security, high - grade financial security, secure storage, data encryption.

  • High reliability

    -40~105℃/4~8KV ESD supports ECC check encrypted Flash SRAM supports parity.

Single chip MCU

  • Industry leading 12-bit SAR ADC

    It can be configured with 12bit, 10 bit, 8 bit and 6 bit modes. The sampling rate in 6 bit mode is up to 9Msps, the wide voltage is 1.8~ 3.6v, the wide operating range of temperature is -40~+105°C, and there are 19 single-ended input channels, supporting single-ended input and differential input modes.

  • High speed analog comparator 

    50NS high-speed comparator, low transmission delay, using two comparators can be configured as window comparator mode, 1.8-3.6V wide voltage operating range, low input offset voltage (+/-5mV), comparator speed can be configured software to save power.

  • Wireless connection characteristics

    BLE5.0 low power RF transceiver, built-in Balum/ matching network, -95dbm receiving sensitivity, programmable transmitter power, maximum +3dBm, current 1uA in Sleep mode, 0.1UA in Shut-down mode.