Integrated circuit

IC has the advantages of small volume, light weight, less lead and welding points, long life, high reliability, good performance and so on, and low cost, convenient for mass production. When using integrated circuit to assemble electronic equipment, its assembly density can be increased by dozens to thousands times than that of transistor, and the stable working time of equipment can also be greatly improved.


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Integrated circuit classification

  • Level of integration

    According to the level of integration, it can be divided into four types: small scale, medium scale, large scale and vLSI.

  • function

    Integrated circuits can be divided into analog integrated circuits, digital integrated circuits and digital/mode hybrid integrated circuits according to their functions and structures.

  • Production process

    It can be divided into semiconductor integrated circuit, film integrated circuit and hybrid integrated circuit.

  • Conductive type

    According to different conductive types, it can be divided into bipolar integrated circuit and unipolar integrated circuit.

Application scenarios

  • Linear regulator

    Low loss linear regulators (Ldos) can be used in applications where a higher input voltage is reduced to a lower output voltage at a relatively moderate power level.

  •  LED driver

    LED lighting drivers provide stable constant-current control over different input and output voltage conditions. Dc input LED drivers have a variety of options, such as analog PWM and true PWM dimmers, and several devices can be configured as Buck, Boost, or Buck-Boost topologies.

  • Battery management

    Battery management products and supporting tools accelerate the design of efficient and high-performance battery powered applications. Tenor offers a wide range of battery chargers, as well as battery gauges and protection devices.