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More than 10 years of industry research and development experience to escort your products

For consumer electronics, semiconductor, communications, electronics, industrial electronics, medical electronics and other major market areas, the development and ShengChanChang effect transistor, insulated gate bipolar transistor, integrated circuit IC, single chip MCU, and many other series of products, products are widely used in switching power supply, mobile phone quick charger, white goods, electric cars, electric tools, garden tools, welding machine, UPS, inverter, charging pile, solar photovoltaic (pv) and industrial and automotive electronics, and other market segments.

Over the years, the company not only to master the world advanced technology product development and production, but also have rich experience in the semiconductor enterprise management, the company always adhere to the advanced semiconductor power device, integrated circuit and the design of the single chip MCU development, chip processing, encapsulation testing and product sales of IC design enterprises, help customers to create the brand, develops the market business philosophy, through the joint efforts of all staff, the company has become a leading company for the global market.

We always adhere to the "do the best, do the greatest responsibility, the best performance, get the best benefit" spirit of enterprise, with flexible personnel management mechanism, hard struggle work style, constantly help customers to create new performance.

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